Bring To Light 2011

Bring To Light is happening tomorrow night! Over 50 artists will project, display, turn on and shine their various projects tomorrow night in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We worked with our good friend Natasha Jen and the folks over at Nuit Blanche NY to produce the website for the event. If you are around tomorrow it will definitely be worth checking out!

San Gennaro North Gate

We have been working hard this past month a large outdoor installation for The San Gennaro North Gate and it finally came up this Saturday! If you are in the city you can check it out on  Mulberry St. between Houston and Prince St. The piece was produced by our friends at Two Bridges (Thanks Joe!) and graciously supported by St.Patrick’s Old Cathedral. We collaborated with our good friends Ambre and Adrew from The They Co. who currated, organized, and permitted, and all around made the piece possible.

The geometry was engineered with our good friend Matt Clark at ARUP and all of the building connections were designed by Nathaniel Stanton of CRAFT Engineering. The piece would not have been possible without them. Big Thanks to everyone who volunteered and supported this huge effort.

The piece will be up until September 25th, 2011 so if you are downtown we hope you get a chance to check out the festival, play a little bocce ball, and let us know what you think about the installation!

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Carrie McKnelly, Sean Madigan

Installation: Elliot White, Brandt Graves,  Sarah Hunter, Liz Kelsey, Brandon Bartle, Sonal Patel, Sally To, Simon Kristak, Henry Choi, Julia Schleppe, Katherine Salamat, Anthony Buccellato

supported by: Barbizon Lighting companyGrafix PlasticsARUPCRAFT EngineeringDaVinci Artist Supply

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We just received photos from our photographer, Alan Tansey, of our installation curated by Nuit Blanche New York as part of Flash:Light 2011 along with the Festival of Ideas for the New City sponsored by the New Museum.We would like to give special thanks to everyone that helped out.

Photos: Alan Tansey

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Carrie McKnelly, Inessah Selditz, and Elliot White

Installation: Carrie Chang, Andrew Chen, Caitlin Duffy, Rich Ericson, Jeff Geisinger, Brandt Graves, Ayaka Hales, David Hecht, Genevieve Hoffman, Mike Kelberman, Simon Kristak, Matt Lake, Avery Max, Owen Nichols, Chris Niederer, Geetha Pedapati, Julia Schleppe, John Schlueter, Austin Smith, Chi Tam, Felisia Tandiono, Alan Tansey, and Joan Tom

A bunch of images after the jump…

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ALANtansey website launch!

We just launched a website for our good friend and photographer, Alan Tansey. He is always making our work look amazing, so it was our pleasure to help him showcase his work. Make sure you check out the explore section!

CO-struction Party!

We just finished the design of a display piece for our friends over at NOOKA. The team at NOOKA put together a party last Sunday with loads of  liqour sponsors. The piece looks great with all of the colorful NOOKA products. The party was packed and the overall collaboration was a lot of fun. Can’t wait to move on to the next project with the guys over at NOOKA! you can check out more information about the project here: COstruction

You can check out the piece in person at the DDCLAB in the meatpacking district.

Photos from NOOKA. more after the jump…

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We have been collaborating with NOOKA on a custom display for their watches and Tietz-Baccon for the fabrication of the piece. We worked with them to design a piece that is rigid and organic. We “grew” a display out cubes of varying sizes. The many surfaces created by the intersecting cubes allows for NOOKA products to be displayed in a variety of ways.
NOOKA and a whole list of sponsors are throwing a party at DDCLAB in the meatpacking Sunday May 15th, 2011. If you are in the neighborhood for ICFF you should stop by for a drink! You can find info about the sponsors and the event here: CO-struction
You can also check out some of the geeky stuff we used to generate the geometry of the display here:

The time lapse below was taken by the wonderful guys over at NOOKA!

SOFTlab @ Flash:Light!

Hope you all will make it downtown this weekend for the New Museum’s Festival of Ideas For the New City. A lot of fun and interesting projects are going on around, near, and all over the Bowery! We are producing an installation out of 1500 LEDs and a bunch of Mylar as part of Flash:Light organized by Nuit Blanche New york. Our installation will hang in the entrance to the courtyard of 233 Mott Street. We also produced a piece for projection onto the New Museum facade along with a number of artists including our friends over at Acconci Studio and Terraform One. The projections will start Saturday night May 7th at 8pm. We can’t wait to see the museum breath, melt, get taped, grown, covered in hair and pretty much get transformed into an eight story hot box!

We are also working with Nuit Blanche and the New Museum on a fold up New Museum that features the projection of various artists. If all goes well these will be available on site this weekend. Hope to see you all there… will be a lot of fun!

New Museum Projection!

We are working with a great team of people from Nuit Blanche New York and artists to make projections for the New Museum as part of their Festival of Ideas for the New City. We shot our piece last weekend. It was a lot of fun and most people are creating analog videos. The videos will be projected during the festival weekend at night on Saturday May 7th. If you are in town, you should definitely check it out along with all of the many other great things going on!


We sent out the funnel kits to our Mom and Pop pledges for just in time for Christmas. Thank you all for your support!

We designed the packaging and instruction manual in the studio. Carrie definitely got crazy with the CheeseWiz! Check out more images of the packaging after the jump…

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