(n)arcissus Installation!

We are in the middle of installing a site specific installation at the Frankurter Kunstverein in Frankfurt, Germany. Our piece is part of a group exhibit and the opening is this Monday Nov. 15! Lot of great work being installed and next week will be plenty of workshops as part of NODE10. More photos after the jump taken by our good friend and co-curator of the exhibit, Marius Watz.

Group Exhibit:
abstrakt Abstrakt
The Systemized World

Artists: Ralf BaeckerFIELDBen FryLeander HerzogRobert Hodgin, Thilo Kraft, Brandon Morse,Louise Naunton MorganJohn PowersPatrick Raddatz, SOFTlab, Jorinde VoigtZimoun
Curated by:
Marius Watz & Eno Henze

Photos: Marius Watz

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Carrie McKnelly, and Charlotte Vlerick

Installation: Brandt Graves

Thanks to everyone involved!

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SOFTlab @ Node10

We are heading  to Frankfurt, Germany this week to install a piece for Node10. Looking forward to doing our first piece outside of the USofA (unless Brooklyn counts!) and hanging out with the other artist/designers involved in the show. The show is curated by Eno Henze and our good friend Marius Watz. If you are in the EU and close to Frankfurt it will definitely be worth checking out. A lot of interesting work from around the world. Opening is Nov. 15th and there will be a number of lectures and events happening during the week.

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CHROMAtex.me Eulogy

Our good friends over at Nooka posted about thee end of CHROMAtex.me. Its worth checking out there blog, they are always looking to collaborate and have an interesting range of people stopping by the studio like Amber Rose and Karim.

Prototype 4a Install

We are installing a piece this week for the  The Business of Aura show at the Elga Wimmer Gallery. The piece is continuation of research that has been going on in our studio for the past four years. The research is based on the idea of creating a surface out of modular pieces and connections that allow for construction of a unique surface. All of the tooling for the piece has been automated through MEL. The tooling also includes the labels needed for the construction of the piece. This not only makes this method of construction feasible, but also negates the need for any type of drawings, whether they be representational or construction documents. The tooling is produced directly from the model and in this case sent directly to a laser cutter.

This particular piece is the first time the studio has tested the system as a structural shape/skin using ¼” plywood. The prototype is meant to be one of a cluster of similar free form columns that would connect at the top to make a small pavilion. It is a prototype for a pavilion we are currently proposing as part of an architecture and visual art event. The prototype is made of 328 plywood panels and 904 custom acrylic clips. The piece is partially covered by gold mylar laminated chipboard.

The MEL script we have written for this method of construction is gradually becoming more robust as we produce each new piece. We will make it public here soon once it has been tamed a little more.

Thanks to our team:
and special thanks to Corey Kingston for making sure it all came together!
Carrie McKnelly
Sean Madigan
Tyler O’Rielley
Elliot White

More image after the jump…

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CHROMAtex.me by SOFTlab

It was a long month and an even longer week but totally worth it! An amazing time lapse above, shot by our friend Andrew Manart, shows the full week of production inside the bridgegallery. 4500 lasercut/printed panels and 17000 binder clips later we are all very happy with how it turned out. The best part is that it was a lot of fun! These projects always take us to our limit, but everyone involved was not only great at getting things done, but fun to hang out with. The installation will be up until September 26th at the bridgegallery. 98 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side of NYC. If you didn’t make it to the opening it is definitely worth stopping by. Everyone asks if they can take pictures… OF COURSE! We would like to thank Marilyn for letting us do our thing at the bridgegallery and kickstarter for providing such a great platform to help us and other people fund their crazy ideas. This project would not have been possible without the help from all of our friends. THANK YOU! Design Team: Michael Szivos, Jose Gonzalez, Carrie McKnelly, Elliot White, Tyler O’Rielley, Troy Zezula, Sean Madigan, Corey Kingston Installation: Julia Schleppe, Andrew Manart, Simon Kristak, David Gonzalez, Andrew Chen, Anthony Buccellato, Laura Vincent, Michael House, Brandt Graves, Austin Smith, Andrew Sutton, Alan Tansey, Mac Glovinsky, Robin Jones Photo above: Alan Tansey A bunch more great photos after the jump… Continue reading

GOLD!!! the fool’s kind

We added the gold skin to our piece for the Business of Aura Show! Everyone one else has also installed/hung their work. Everything looks great. Hope to see you at the opening tomorrow night… We definitely need a night off. Hope no one drinks too much Kool-Aid. More pictures after the jump…

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help fund CHROMAtex.me

We are producing an installation at the bridgegallery in the Lower Wast Side of Manhattan. The opening will be on August 26th.

We started a kickstarter page to help fund the installation. Everyone who pledges will have their name laser etched onto a panel(s). The installation will be made of over ~4500 panels. We would love to have names on all of the panels. You can pledge here: kickstarter-CHROMAtex.me

We are also keeping track of all of the pledges here: CHROMAtex.me


We worked with our friends  at TENDER to produce motion pieces for interior and exterior led signage at the new M-A-C Cosmetics store in Times Square. We went through a lot of pretty fun studies.


We just uploaded the final video for CROMA. It was great working with our friends up at MIT, Daniel CardosoAvni Argun and Carlos Rocha. It was fun working with those guys and we were able to do some tests with green screening and camera matching.

Thank you!


Amazing how much press and love a little color gets you! We just want to thank all of our friends and blogs that have picked up CHROMAesthesiae. After the jump you can check more of these sites and more great design projects that we are honored to be listed with.

Great surprise this morning from designboom!

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