CHROMAesthesiae install!

CHROMAesthesiae is almost finished! We just got these photos from Alan.  As always they look great! Many thanks to Alan for coming over to the gallery in the nasty weather to take some photos. We will just be fine tuning this week… leveling and lighting the piece. The opening will be this Friday, March 19th. Hope everyone can make it.

SOFTlab would like to thank everyone that has helped out:

Design Team: Carrie McKnelly and Elliot White
Installation: Julia Schleppe and Brandt Graves
Photos: Alan Tansey

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CHROMAesthesiae @ Devotion

SOFTlab is producing an installation for Devotion in Williamsburg. The opening will be March 19th.

The installation will be a series of 9 packed funnels made of laser cut 12mil photo glossy ink jet paper. Each funnel will have a unique color gradient and every panel is printed with a specific color treatment. We are using binder clips to attach adjacent panels. Everyone in the studio is happy that we chose a detail that is a little less complicated this time around. The affect is quite nice, each funnel has a very low tech exterior and a very smooth glossy interior. We will send out more details and an invite soon. In the meantime check out the rest of the images after the jump….

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Blue Marlin – Flex Space


We just finished a project for our friends over at Blue Marlin, a package and brand consultancy.  The space is meant to be a flexible space in addition to their current office.  The space can be reconfigured into several spaces through industrial felt panels that hang from rails. The panels can also be used to block out natural light during presentations. We also designed the desks, lighting, and a storage wall made of cardboard tubes. The project was a lot of fun, especially the storage wall. You check out a short video of the construction here: circlepack. More photos after the jump…

All of these great photos were taken by: Alan R. Tansey

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