Packed Cubes GH Definition

We are currently wrapping up a piece we have been working on in collaboration with NOOKA and Tietz-Baccon.  We had a pretty simple idea to make a field of intersecting cubes of various size to serve as display surfaces for NOOKA products. NOOKA’s theme for this season had to do with organic growth, but in a more crystalline way. We thought the idea of rigid shapes growing in an organic way would work well for the display. The wood creates a nice contrast to the NOOKA products and the layering helps the piece look like an eroded rock formation.

To get a varied condition we set up some simple rules in GH such as size of field, how many cubes to construct in the field, the cube dimensions, and last, a bounding box to help shape the growth. Knowing that this piece would be made from stacked ply wood, we set a condition that only allowed the cubes to grow and move with a specific step so no cube would ever break the predetermined material thickness.

We are attaching the GH code for you to play with. It is pretty simple. All you need to do is draw a bounding geometry to plug in.

download: sourcefiles

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