RE:Think – Smart Environments

The New Practices Committee is hosting a panel discussion at the Center for Architecture this Thursday from 6pm – 8pm. It is the first in a larger “RE:Think” series the committee has planned over the next couple of months. The hope is to provide a platform to cross pollinate new architectural practices with other emerging disciplines. On a fundamental level this first panel is meant to discuss the future of digital media in environments. The discussion will be steered towards how architects can contribute and engage in early stage design of media strategies with ad agencies, artists, programmers, scientists, and an expanding field of visionary creatives.

Admission is free and we have a great group of panelists! If you are interested, hope you can make it and contribute to the discussion.
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White Zinfandel

We had a lot of fun at the dinner party for the second issue of White Zinfandel produced by our friends Jiminie Ha and Chris and Dominic Leong of Leong Leong. The them was tv dinners and we were given the task of representing the frozen flagship of frugal college apartments nation wide: Salisbury Steak. It was a lot of fun coming up with something and even more fun at the dinner!

Creator’s Project

Our friends over at the Creator’s Project just posted a video about the studio and the making of our piece R&D:azzle. You can check out the full article here. It is amazing to be listed with the other Creators, many of whom we have been inspired by over the years!

BOFFO Party!

We are just now recovering from the party last Friday. Thank you everyone who came out! If you didn’t make it, hope you can check out the store in the next week. The store is open until Nov. 23rd. If you are shoe geek, be sure to ask about the custom Nikes the girls designed for the mannequins store. They are on sale at the store now!

All party photos copyright PMC

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Tecnológico de Monterrey

Just received images of the conference in Mexico. Was a very short trip but a lot of fun! The conference was for both the Architecture and Industrial Design programs at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. There were three great talks: Michael Szivos, Sigga Heimes, and Miguel Angel Alonso de Val. Everyone from the school was great and showed us around the city in the little time we had. We were also very lucky to be there during the preparations for the Día de Muertos!

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The Lake & Stars + SOFTlab for BOFFO

We have been working for the past couple of months with Maayan and Nikki, of The Lake and Stars on their pop up for BOFFO‘s Building Fashion 2011 series. It has been a lot of fun working with them and all of the guys at BOFFO. We would like to thank BOFFO for the opportunity and everyone that has helped out! The store will be open from November 10-23 @ Walker Street. If you are around please stop by and check it out. We designed a giant furry kaleidoscope! More importantly the opening party is this Friday, Nov. 11th from 8pm-11pm.

Photos: Alan Tansey

R&D:azzle @ The Creator’s Project | New York 2011

We had a lot of fun at Creators Project | New York 2011. Wish all of our projects were surrounded by parties, concerts, great people and artists! It was an amazing weekend and we were honored to be included with artists and designers that inspired us when we first started the studio! Many thanks to everyone at Vice and Intel who not only invited us to be a part of the event, but were so accommodating throughout the whole project.

Design Team: Michael Szivos, Elliot White, Carrie Mcknelly, Alex Singer-Bieder, Sean Madigan, Liz Kelsey

Installation Team: Rolando Lineros, Simon Kristak,  Andrew Chen,  Andrew Manart, Najwa Doughman, Emily Mak

Fabrication: FLATCUT_

Photos: Alan Tansey

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The Lake & Stars & SOFTab for BOFFO coming soon!

We have been working with the guys at Focus Lighting on our pop up store with The Lake & Stars. The guys at Focus have been great and mocked up a couple of prototypes in there space. Not going to say what these are yet (You will have to check out the store!), but it was really exciting and promising to see the mock-ups. The store opens Nov. 10th at   57 Walker Street. We are well under way with production and an’t wait to see it all together in the space!

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