Light Cloud Prototype

The latest prototype for an interactive light and sound installation we are creating for RAB Lighting’s NYC showroom in Chelsea for design week. Still sorting out the various behaviors, the final install will be a large cluster of these reacting together to environmental sound. More info soon on the opening details!

Minimum Length Joints


We have been experimenting a lot lately with 3D printed joinery for complex piped networks. A major effort has been to find a way to reduce the amount of material in the print in order to minimize the cost.  Naturally, we wanted to automate this process so we developed a script in grasshopper that takes any network of curves and generates  the smallest joint possible at every intersection.   A bit of math made this possible and if you click through you’ll see the logic.

In the meantime you can grab the definition here:  Min_Length_Joint (note: The RemoveDuplicateLines component from Kangaroo is necessary)

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Sonos Prototype

Noah killing it with the first prototype for an interactive light & sound installation we are doing in LA at the end of the month. There will be 600 of these responding to Sonos speakers!

The Lake & Stars & SOFTab for BOFFO coming soon!

We have been working with the guys at Focus Lighting on our pop up store with The Lake & Stars. The guys at Focus have been great and mocked up a couple of prototypes in there space. Not going to say what these are yet (You will have to check out the store!), but it was really exciting and promising to see the mock-ups. The store opens Nov. 10th at   57 Walker Street. We are well under way with production and an’t wait to see it all together in the space!

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