BOFFO – The Lake and Stars New York, NY 2011

Rather than thinking of our store as a pop-up or an installation, we are thinking of it as a store within a store. We are using the existing space to insert a store that amplifies one of the most basic mechanisms of retail, optics. The garments will displayed in a way that allows visitors to view specific details of the construction and form. The level of detail in the garments will be amplified and/or multiplied through a custom built kaleidoscopic view cones. The view cones will be covered in a matte black tactile material that is soft to touch and absorbs any extra light, preferencing the vibrancy inside the viewing cones. The inside of the store will be completely clad in a white glossy skin so it receives as much light from the viewing cones as possible. We are working with Focus Lighting to shine focused light through the viewing cones to provide a multi-colored kaleidoscopic light in the space.

As viewers move around outside the store and look through the viewing cones they will block the focused light causing the interior of the store to constantly shift in color and light. We are subverting the natural tendency of the window display by only showing glimpses of the piece and using the curiosity of visitors to activate the space. We are building a human scale kaleidoscope of light and color that changes based on how people move through the space. Rather than explicitly designing a color palette are specific form, we are designing an apparatus that will map how people shop and interact with the garments.