Feast Conference New York, NY 2013

We were asked by Feast to create a series of spatital installaitons that can be activated through the conference attendees. We created three gravity driven forms that start the conference with each strip losely pinned to the structure above. As each participant takes away a pin from the piece it allows a portion of it to freely fall into shape and form a predetermined curve through a precisely calculated length. Each piece on its own is unique, but together they form a larger interior cohesive space that allows for a backdrop of activity. Much like a group of individuals who come together to perform a larger task, it is the uniqueness of each piece that creates the beauty of the overall form. Although each installation provides an impromptu interior space, the overall structure is made of hanging strips of repurposed mylar so it is extremely light and will always be  slightly moving along with local air currents.

This movement will be highlighted through the reflectivity of the mylar and the twisting of each mylar strip This twisting allows for the color of each installation to be subtly reviled. The array of mylar strips also creates an optical filter to the activity inside much like corn rows in a field or a zoetrope. Each installation can act on its own as a visual backdrop, but it is through the engagement of visitors and  activity that the spaces transform and actually come alive.