Halo Mountain View, CA 2023

Located in the public space surrounding Google’s new headquarters in Mountain View, Halo takes its formal inspiration from the pavilions typically found in Romantic English Gardens. Situated on a subtle hill in the landscape surrounding the new building, Halo is visible from the surrounding traffic thoroughfares. From this vantage point Halo is visible just above the tree line and acts as a pavilion in the round that has no front or back. As visitors approach Halo, the cylindrical form is pierced at the base by arches of varying sizes. These archways produce glimpses into the interior of Halo and unexpected cantilevers as they intersect the simple exterior form. While the exterior is clad with vertical aluminum tubes, the interior is formed by a crystalline structure clad in dichroic acrylic. The stark difference between the simple exterior and faceted interior gives the impression that visitors have entered a geode.

During the day sunlight entering from the open top of the cylinder reflects off of the iridescent facets onto the ground, painting it with shifting color. At night LEDs in the upper portions of the aluminum shine through perf-

orations on the inner surface of the tubes creating an animated constellation of light that is filtered through the inner crystalline structure. The atmosphere created on the interior is meant to be an otherworldly place that visitors and google employees can escape to and that might foster new ideas, a place to recalibrate, or simply enjoy the magic of the sunlight as it filters through the structure.

Engineers: ARUP
Photos: Alan Tansey

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Photos of the installation