Billow Sydney, AU 2020

Billow is a large cloud like permanent artwork in the lobby of Mingara, a recently renovated recreational club north of Sydney, Australia. The cloud-like form of the piece hangs from a barrel fault in the main entrance and lobby area greeting visitors and members. Just above the piece are three skylights. As the sun moves over the club during the day light is filtered through the iridescent and aluminum clad form. The aluminum petals open to allow more light through towards the top of the piece.

At night subtle shifts in color of the LED fixtures above the piece give it a much more animated quality. The compound surface of aluminum and dichroic changes depending on the color an direction of the light. The dichroic film filters the various spectrums of light that intern reflect off of the aluminum surfaces. This effect produces a sense of the piece being alive and floating with the currents of the space like a jellyfish.