Soundweave Miami, FL 2020

Soundweave is a series of archways that respond to environmental sound through interactive lights and sound. The two archway structures run the length of two new pedestrian walkways that intersect 53rd Street at the center of downtown Doral just outside of Miami. Florida.

The individual archways are rotated to create one continuous structure. The peaks of each archway decrease in height giving the nested frames a forced perspective and visually connecting the two walkways across the center of downtown Doral. Steel cables clad in powder coated aluminum tubes weave the archways together through a spectrum of cover. As the cables switch from vertical to horizontal parts of the structure, they give the archways a more volumetric quality.

Each archway has integrated LEDs and a speaker that reacts to wind and the sound created by pedestrians. The speaker array produces three dimensional tones, and the lighting animates in ways that deconstruct the strong architectural nature of the archways. At night, the animated light reflects off the colored tubes in unexpected ways and giving the impression that the light can color is weaving through the structure along with the spatialized tones. Each set of archways acts as a pedestrian scale instrument that plays a symphony of light and sound based on the interaction with visitors. From the surrounding residential towers and from the center of main public space you can see the animated light travel across the two structures, virtually connecting the two pedestrian walkways.